We all know the importance of making a Will, yet only about a third of us get around to making even basic provisions for our loved ones.

By writing a Will and making sure you review it when your circumstances change, you are safeguarding your loved ones from unnecessary future emotional stress and financial worries in the event of your premature death.

It’s a common mis-conception that assets automatically pass to a spouse or registered civil partner on death, but if you don't have a Will in place your estate will be distributed under the UK rules of intestacy, which means the law decides who inherits your estate and in what proportions.

The Rules of Intestacy aim to take care of spouses, registered civil partners and biological children. However, they don't make provisions for unmarried partners, step children, friends, pets and charities. Without a Will your property and possessions may end up in the hands of those who you may not have wished to inherit.

Legacy Legal have years' of experience drawing up Wills for clients ensuring that, after they have gone, those people they care about get what is rightfully theirs.

If you DON'T have a Will:

  • Your spouse or registered civil partner and children could end up with less than you had hoped
  • People you would like to inherit from your estate may not actually benefit
  • Your loved ones' inheritance may be subject to an Inheritance Tax bill, that could have been reduced or mitigated altogether with prior planning
  • Delays may occur in winding up your estate causing prolonged grief
  • Your next of kin will usually be appointed as an executor to deal with your estate, but this may not be the best person, as this is often a complicated role, especially during such an emotional time.

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