A trust is a legal concept that started in the Crusades and has been developed over the centuries to become a robust mechanism used worldwide. They can be found in everyday life, for example, if you have a pension.

By using trusts to protect your assets, you are able to specify how and when your beneficiaries will receive a benefit from your estate. You can impose conditions or time limits on gifts to individual members of your family. This can be of enormous benefit to their long-term security.

By making gifts via a Trust you will be able to:

  • Protect your son or daughter from losing their inheritance in a divorce
  • Reduce the risk of losing your estate to the Local Authority to pay for your spouse's care
  • Delay the gift to your grandchild until they are responsible enough to appreciate it.

Alternatively, by not having a Trust and leaving 'absolute' gifts in your Will:

  • Your son's or daughter's estranged spouse could receive a nice windfall
  • Your husband or wife who goes into care after your death may be forced to use your estate to pay for that care
  • Your grandchildren who are under 18 may use your estate unwisely

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